Effects of moderate and high intensity exercise on T1/T2 balance

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Zhao, G, Zhou, S, Davie, AJ & Su, Q 2012, 'Effects of moderate and high intensity exercise on T1/T2 balance', Exercise Immunology Review, vol. 18, pp. 98-114.

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Type 1 (TI) and Type 2 (T2) lymphocytes promote cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity respectively. Evidence accumulated over the past two decades has demonstrated diverse responses of T1 and T2 cells to acute exercise or long-term training at moderate and high intensities. This brief review highlights the current findings from animal and human experimental models on the relationship between the T1 and T2 cell counts and the cytokines these cells produce, in response to moderate and high intensity exercise. The potential of using the T1/T2 balance as an indicator of immune function changes in response to exercise is discussed.

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