Exemplar: Establishing the Eden Alternative (TM) in Australia and New Zealand

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Brownie, S, Neeleman, P & Noakes-Meyer, C 2011, 'Exemplar: Establishing the Eden Alternative (TM) in Australia and New Zealand', Contemporary Nurse: a journal for the Australian Nursing Profession, vol. 37, no. 2, pp. 222-224.

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The Eden AlternativeTM is a philosophy of personal, organisational and environmental transformation founded by Dr. William Thomas, a Harvard trained geriatrician. He wanted to create a living environment in existing aged care institutions to eliminate loneliness, helplessness and boredom from the lives of residents, which he argued were the plagues of ageing that account for the bulk of their suffering. The Eden AlternativeTM is a contemporary approach to long-term care, designed to combat these plagues of ageing, by incorporating companionship, a sense of purpose, variety and spontaneity into the day-to-day experience of aged care residents. Creating a warm, loving and caring 'home' that enriches the lives of all who live and work in it, is the overarching goal of The Eden AlternativeTM. The locus of decision-making is with the resident, which ensures the right of each resident to a life worth living. This exemplar outlines the inception and growth of The Eden AlternativeTM in Australia and New Zealand.

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