Abnormal fusion of steropsis and binocular-rivalry

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Blake, R & O'Shea, RP 1988, 'Abnormal fusion of steropsis and binocular-rivalry', Psychological Review, vol. 95, no. 1, pp. 151-154.

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Wolfe (1986) has proposed a theory of binocular vision with the following characteristics: It consists of an exclusively binocular ({and}) process, an either-eye binocular ({or}) process, and two monocular ({only}) processes. All these processes function simultaneously, and perception derives from the combination of their outputs. Critically, the theory asserts that binocular rivalry and stereopsis can be active at the same site in the visual field. We argue that Wolfe's theory is needlessly complex in that simultaneous action of binocular rivalry and stereopsis is unnecessary, yet it is unable to account for data on detection of monocular probes that are easy to explain within current models of binocular vision.

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