Nurses leading care in custody suite environments: a qualitative study from Scotland

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Hurley, J, Linsley, P, Elvins, M & Jones, M 2013, 'Nurses leading care in custody suite environments: a qualitative study from Scotland', Journal of Forensic Nursing, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 45-51.

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This paper outlines the qualitative findings of a recent multimethod study exploring the impact of nurses assuming leadership roles in delivering primary health care to detainees within police custody suites in Scotland. The full multimethod study was conducted within a framework of realistic evaluation with key findings indicating that the nurse-led model of service delivery offers positive outcomes for all key stakeholders. Findings from the qualitative component of the study showed that the quality of clinical care for detainees improved, policing concerns for detainee safety were mitigated, and forensic medical examiners were able to expand their specialist roles. Key supporting mechanisms in achieving these outcomes included generating collaborative practices, enacting clinical leadership, and providing a forensic nursint educational program to empower nurses to generate service provision and grow professional autonomy.

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