Developmental patterns in Malay shape-based numeral classifier comprehension

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Salehuddin, K, Winskel, H & Ho Abdullah, I 2013, 'Developmental patterns in Malay shape-based numeral classifier comprehension', Social Sciences & Humanities, vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 1225-1242.

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Numeral classifier system is an instance of linguistic device for categorisation, a cognitive process that is indispensable in human cognition and language development. The current study investigated the acquisition of eight Malay shapebased numeral classifiers through a matching comprehension task in 140 6 to 9 year old children. The aim is to examine the developmental patterns observed in the comprehension of Malay shape-based numeral classifiers. Specifically, the study focused at examining if the complexity of the semantic features of individual numeral classifiers plays a role in numeral classifier comprehension order, and if the degree of typicality of numeral classifier exemplars has an effect on the comprehension order. Results indicated that semantic complexity and exemplar typicalityplay a significant role in Malay numeral classifier comprehension.This suggests that multiple factors interact with each other and contribute to the developmental pattern of numeral classifier.

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