Enhancing resilience in registered aged care nurses

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Cameron, F & Brownie, S 2010, 'Enhancing resilience in registered aged care nurses', Australasian Journal on Ageing, vol. 29, no. 2, pp. 66-71.

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Aim:  To identify the factors that impact the resilience of registered aged care nurses, that is their capacity to adapt to the physical, mental and emotional demands of working in aged care facilities.

Method:  This study explored the lived experience of nine registered nurses working in residential aged care facilities on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, who were asked to reflect on the phenomenon of resilience in the workplace.

Results:  This study found that clinical expertise, a sense of purpose in a holistic care environment, a positive attitude and work–life balance are important determinants of resilience in aged care nurses.

Conclusions:  Resilience in nurses in residential aged care facilities is enhanced when they are able to maintain long-term, meaningful relationships with residents. Collegial support that provides opportunities to debrief and validate experiences as well as the use of humour to defuse stress promotes well-being and builds resilience in the workplace.

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