The patient as experience broker in clinical learning

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Stockhausen, L 2009, 'The patient as experience broker in clinical learning', Nurse Education in Practice, vol. 9, no. 3, pp. 184-189.

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The Study: A review of the literature reveals deficit information on patient’s involvement in student’s learning. The study presented in this paper investigates how the educationally unprepared patient engages with students and experienced clinicians to become involved in learning and teaching encounters.

Methodology: As a qualitative study 14 adult patients were interviewed to determine how they perceived experienced clinicians and students engage in learning and teaching moments and how the patient contributes to students learning to care.

The Findings: Revealed is a new and exciting dimension in learning and teaching in the clinical environment. Patients as experience brokers are positioned in a unique learning triad as they mediate and observe teaching and learning to care between students and experienced clinicians whilst also becoming participants in teaching to care.

Recommendations: Further investigation is warranted to determine the multi-dimensional aspects of patients’ involvement in student learning in various clinical environments. Future studies have the potential to represent a new educational perspective (andragogy).

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