The Tin-Man and the TAM: a journey into M-Learning in the land of Aus

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Peck, B, Deans, C & Stockhausen, L 2010, 'The Tin-Man and the TAM: a journey into M-Learning in the land of Aus', World Journal on Educational Technology, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 16-26.

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Within the past few years the virtues and pitfalls of Podcasting specifically within the higher education environment have been extolled. However, there is little, if any, discussion of how academic staff have undergone this period of transformation in an era of technological adoption and sweeping pedagogic change. Using the Technology Adoption Model (Davis 1989) as a theoretical platform and the characters from the classic film the Wizard of Oz as signposts, this paper explores and describes a staff development journey that introduced M-Learning pedagogies. More specifically the way in which Podcast technology was introduced in an undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing program conducted in a regional University in Victoria, Australia. The journey’s resultant destination reveals that courage; passion and an openness to try something new are essential for the successful introduction of new electronic pedagogies by academics.

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