Nurses and palliation in the community: the current discourse

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Rose, J & Glass, N 2006, ‘Nurses and palliation in the community: the current discourse’, International Journal of Palliative Nursing, vol. 12, no. 12, pp. 588-594.

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A core component of community nursing practice in Australia is the provision of palliative care, however this area of practice has been minimally researched. We, therefore, undertook a broader review of the contemporary literature in community nursing; palliative nursing; and community nursing palliative care. Literature was searched electronically in OVID, CINAHL and nursing databases and manually in relevant journals. Findings revealed community and palliative care nursing to be both complex and challenging. Community and palliative nurses ideals for care are compromised by competing practice demands. Changing health systems and philosophical views, limited resources and the perceived ‘visibility/invisibility’ polarity are identified as major job stressors. Therapeutic use of ‘self’ and interpersonal communication are recognized as contributing to job satisfaction. Community nurses providing palliative care is as an under researched area yet it is a role that arguably requires critical understanding and recognition. Further research is needed into the relationship between emotional wellbeing and professional satisfaction for community and palliative care nurses providing palliation.

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