Time effective and valid assessment of students' teamwork skills: lessons from the TeamUp project

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Fahy, K, Hastie, C & Yoxall, JS 2015, 'Time effective and valid assessment of students' teamwork skills: lessons from the TeamUp project', paper presented to the 2015 Scholarship of Teaching Symposium, Gold Coast, Australia, 22 September.

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Although employers want graduates with communication and team work skills and all universities have Graduate Attributes similar to SCU GA 6 “Communication and social skills”, the development and assurance of students’ teamwork skills is rarely the focus of undergraduate curricula. TeamUP is an educational strategy developed to fill that gap in the Bachelor of Midwifery course. Previous versions have been time intensive for unit assessors and therefore not attractive to other disciplines. In this presentation we will:

1. Provide a brief overview of the TeamUP educational strategy, including the current project aimed at making the TeamUP Rubric more user-friendly

2. Present a) how the rubric is used by students to provide formative and summative feedback to their peers and b) teachers to decide both marks and performance feedback to individual students

3. invite conversation about the challenges faced by everyone in assessing teamwork skills Kathleen Fahy will provide the brief overview of the TeamUP educational strategy. A handout will be provided for each delegate. Carolyn Hastie will present how the Rubric is used by students and staff and a brief overview of students’ experiences of TeamUP within Midwifery. Jacqui Yoxall will lead the discussion about how other disciplines and schools are assessing teamwork skills and seek to identify resources that may help with address some of those challenges.

A 2015 SCU Teaching and Learning Grant has been awarded for this project. Maja Milatovic, School of Arts and Social Sciences