Alternative approaches to well-being and engagement in Vanuatu

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Dick, T 2016, 'Alternative approaches to well-being and engagement in Vanuatu', Australasian Psychiatry, vol. 23, no. 6 suppl., pp. 52-54.

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OBJECTIVES: This article describes some innovative approaches to understanding, measuring and attributing value to traditional wisdom in Vanuatu.

METHODS: The article uses decolonising methodologies to privilege indigenous perspectives. In particular, the study features the use of endogenous practices, such as sand drawing, as a vehicle for facilitating community engagement in the research.

RESULTS: The results of the project reveal that, in the context of broad structural support for customary practices, communities leveraging traditional wisdom into commercial realms are able to generate livelihoods and maintain cultural heritage transmission.

CONCLUSIONS: Local communities report increased pride and pleasure in the resurgence and innovation of cultural practices.

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