Temporal generalization and peak shift in humans

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Bizo, LA & McMahon, CV 2007, 'Temporal generalization and peak shift in humans', Learning & Behavior, vol. 35, no. 2, pp.123-130.


Three experiments investigated temporal generalization in humans. In Experiment 1, a peak shift effect was produced when participants were given intradimensional discrimination training. In Experiment 2, after training with a standard S+ and generalization testing with an asymmetrical series of durations, generalization gradients moved toward the prevailing adaptation level. In Experiment 3, generalization gradients showed a central tendency shift and moved away from the S+ and toward the mean of the test series (of 11 stimulus durations) after participants received training with S+ and S- durations that in one condition were the 2nd and 4th and in another condition were the 4th and 2nd stimuli in the series, respectively. The results were inconsistent with an absolute account of peak shift but were consistent with an adaptation level account of peak shift.

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