Assessing and assisting carers of older people

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Cameron, ID, Aggar, C, Robinson, AL & Kurle, SE 2011, 'Assessing and assisting carers of older people', BMJ, vol. 343.

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Carers are an essential source of support to older people and take responsibility for most of their care needs. Although many carers find aspects of the caring role satisfying,1 caring responsibilities can lead to a decline in their own physical and mental health1 2 3—especially when caring for those with dementia4—and adversely affect their employment and education prospects, financial position, and ability to participate in social and community life.2 It is therefore important to identify people who have an important informal caring role. An assessment of the carer and his or her individual needs, and of the caregiving situation, can improve the health and wellbeing of the carer and ensure the provision of timely and appropriate support services.

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