Temporal generalisation

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Bizo, LA, & McMahon, C 2004, 'Temporal generalisation', abstract presented at the 31st Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, 16-18 April.


Three experiments investigated temporal generalisation performance with humans. In Experiment 1 a peak shift effect was produced when participants were given intra-dimensional discrimination training. In Experiment 2, after training with a standard S+ and generalisation testing with an asymmetrical series of durations, generalisation gradients moved towards the prevailing adaptation level. In Experiment 3 generalisation gradients showed a central tendency shift and moved away from the S+ and towards the mean of the test series (of 11 stimulus durations) after participants received training with S+ and Sdurations that in one condition were the 2nd and 4th, and in another condition were the 4th and 2nd stimuli, respectively. The results were consistent with an adaptation-level account of peak shift and inconsistent with an absolute account.