Global citizenship and higher education: a scoping review of the empirical evidence

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Horey, D, Fortune, T, Nicolacopoulos, T, Kashima, E & Mathisen, B 2018, 'Global citizenship and higher education: a scoping review of the empirical evidence', Journal of Studies in International Education, vol. 22, no. 5, pp. 472-492.

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Student attainment of capabilities associated with global citizenship remains a priority for higher education institutions. We report on a scoping review of empirical studies to explore how global citizenship is understood and enacted in higher education. The 29 included studies span the arts, psychology and social sciences, professional degrees, purpose-designed global citizenship courses, and community development, service, and educational travel programs. Notwithstanding considerable diversity in study aims, methodology, and how global citizenship was described, we were able to discern an overarching framework to describe the theoretical contributions to global citizenship education. Our findings contribute to building conceptual clarity both for educators charged with developing curricula and for higher education researchers seeking to explore and evaluate the outcomes of global citizenship education.

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