A scoping review of the health technology procurement decision process in Indonesia

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Cashin, A & Tumanggor, RD 2019, 'A scoping review of the health technology procurement decision process in Indonesia', Nurse Media Journal of Nursing, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 78-89.

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Background: There is no doubt technological development in the caring sciences can be an enabler of better outcomes. Technological development and the adoption of new technology can also become a constraint and pose challenges to the current patterns of work and organizational elements. A framework for decision making of when to purchase and incorporate new technology is required.

Purpose: This paper aimed to determine what is known of procurement decisions of advanced technology in healthcare generally and particularly in Indonesia.

Methods: A scoping review was conducted to ascertain the current understanding of what forms the basis of procurement decisions of health technology generally and particularly in Indonesia.

Results: A paucity of peer review literature was identified. There was no identified peer-reviewed literature with a focus on Indonesia. Without a guiding evidence base and agreed decision-making framework, it is likely that there is great variation in practices.

Conclusion: In the absence of a solid body of literature to inform practices, two principals to move to a sustainable adoption and integration of advancing and emerging technology into practice in the health care sciences are presented, and provide a scaffold to facilitate navigating what can be tricky waters constituted by enthusiasm and trepidation.

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