Implementing same day discharge following percutaneous coronary intervention: a process evaluation

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Chen, Y, Lin, F & Marshal, A 2019, 'Implementing same day discharge following percutaneous coronary intervention: a process evaluation', Journal of Nursing Care Quality, vol. 34, no. 1, pp. 54-60.

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Background:The safety and effectiveness of same day discharge (SDD) following percutaneous coronary intervention are well demonstrated; however, the uptake of this model of care is low.

Purpose:The aim was to examine the effectiveness of implementing SDD using a process evaluation methodology.

Methods:This study was undertaken in a cardiac services department of a tertiary teaching hospital in southeast Queensland, Australia. It was anticipated before the implementation that 120 patients could be discharged the same day in a 6 months' time period. Patient selection process and guideline adherence were assessed along with patients' and relatives' satisfaction.

Results:During implementation, 22 patients were discharged home the same day. It was found that staff did not follow the guideline consistently, with an overall adherence of 77.3%.

Conclusion:The uptake of SDD was low in this implementation. The study is important as it provides direction for future improvement both in the criteria and the implementation process.

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