Do personality traits impact upon midwives decision-making and practice?

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Book chapter

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Provost, S, Smyth, A, Rupnarain, T, Mailey, S, Ward, H & Jefford, E 2020, 'Do personality traits impact upon midwives' decision-making and practice?', in E Jefford & J Jomeen (eds), Empowering decision-making in midwifery, p. 249-262. ISBN: 9780367027285.


In this chapter, we will draw on empirical research exploring whether certain personality characteristics moderates the quality of clinical decision-making made by midwives and if that influences their midwifery practice. Our research suggests that irrespective of where in the world a midwife is located or in which model of care she works, further examination of the role played by temperamental characteristics of midwives may help them to identify and reflect on the factors influencing their decisions and practice. When identified and reflected upon, a midwife will be better placed to assist women in the collaborative process of childbirth.