The effects of peripheral movement and flicker

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Bowling, AC 1985, 'The effects of peripheral movement and flicker on the detection thresholds of sinusoidal gratings', Perception & Psychophysics, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 181-188.


Contrast sensitivity functions were obtained in the presence of temporally modulated surrouads. Sensitivity to low spatial frequencies was depressed below that found with a steady surround when the surround was either a sinusoidally flickering field or a drifting vertical square-wave grating. This effect was observed both with 1-sec presentations of 5- and 0.5-Hz counterphase flicker and with 60-msec pulsed gratings. In addition, reaction time histograms became more characteristic of sustained mechanisms in the presence of temporal modulation. The data were considered in terms of the activity of a nonlinear network of retinal subunits

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