Research in nursing and health care: evidence for practice

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Taylor, BJ, Kermode, S & Roberts, K 2006, Research in nursing and health care: evidence for practice, 3rd edn, Thomson, South Melbourne, Vic.


'Research in Nursing and Health Care: Evidence for Practice' is written by experienced nurse-researchers to provide total coverage of the research process from conception and planning to design and application. The publication includes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, post-modernist approaches and practical examples of nursing research projects. This edition provides a broad overview of research with a continued emphasis on specific applications to evidence-based practice. The text incorporates a focus on nurses and nursing while also being inclusive of all health professionals, addressing the need for them to engage in evidence-based practice. This is the most current and up-to-date nursing research textbook on the market with research examples gathered from a wide array of international projects reported in peer-reviewed professional journals. 'Research in Nursing and Health Care' guides new researchers through the entire research process in a practical and easy to read step-by-step guide." -- Publisher's website.