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Kermode, S & MacLean, D 2001, 'A study of the relationship between quality of life, self-esteem and health', Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 33-40.

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In this study, 757 participants reported data on quality of life (QOL), health and self-esteem. Findings indicated that older people experienced higher QOL than people in other age groups. Variables contributing to higher QOL include having good relationships with their partner, with their children, and God. Caring for others, or carrying a disability or illness diminished QOL scores. High positive self esteem scores were important in overall indices of QOL. High positve self esteem and absence of negative self esteem were substantial contributors to the 'happiness' dimension of QOL. Having a good sex life, or not having sex was more important than having poor sexual relationships.

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