Mental health nurse as sheriff

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Conference publication

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Hurley, J & Linsley, P 2007, ''Mental health nurse as sheriff', Abstracts of the XXXth International Congress on Law and Mental Health , University of Padua, Padua, Italy, 25-30 June, International Academy of Mental Health and the Law, Montreal, Canada.


Proposed changes to the Mental Health legislation in England and Wales have been identified as having significant impact upon both mental health service delivery and professional roles. The authors explore how changes to mental health law translate to clinical practice. Additionally, this presentation aims to inform not only clinicians but also health organizations and educational institutes providing mental health law training. A systematic literature review is given, drawing on relevant qualitative and quantitative research as well as the presenters drawing on their own research of the topic. Results highlight the need for expanding training related to mental health legislation to include not only knowledge -based learning but also emotional preparation for those undertaking training within this area. The multiplicity of legislative changes directly impacts upon the role of the nurse, service delivery and the provision of relevant training and education.