Papers from 2019


Can you hear the rivers sing? Legal personhood, ontology, and the nitty-gritty, Cristy Clark, Nia Emmanouil, John Page, and Alessandro Pelizzon

2019 Ecology Law Quarterly 45:4 787-844.


Of protest, the commons, and customary public rights: an ancient tale of the lawful forest, Cristy P. Clark Dr and John Page

2019 University of New South Wales Law Journal 42:1 26-59.


Social marketing targeting Indigenous peoples: a systematic review, Krzysztof Kubacki and Natalia Szablewska

2019 Health Promotion International 34 133-143.


Physiological changes in post-hatchling green turtles (Chelonia mydas) following short-term fasting: implications for release protocols, Duane T. March, Ellen Ariel, Suzy Munns, Donna Rudd, David Blyde, and Leslie Christidis

2019 Conservation Physiology 7:1.


Property, values, and the empirics of place, John Page

2019 Griffith Law Review.


“Welcome to Country” and “Acknowledgment of Country”: (Re)conciliatory protest, Alessandro Pelizzon and Jade Kennedy

2019 Contention (Brooklyn) 7:1 13-28.


Resistance in colonial and communist China, 1950-1963: anatomy of a riot, Rohan Price

2019 .

Law, fiction and activism in a time of climate change, Nicole Rogers

2019 .

Papers from 2018

Utilising risk management and enterprise agreements for economically and environmentally sustainable business practices in tourism enterprises, Emma Babbage

2018 Journal of Health, Safety and Environment 34:1 59-75.


Dealing with the ‘wicked’ problem of race and the law: a critical journey for students (and academics), Marcelle Burns and Jennifer Nielsen

2018 Legal Education Review 28:2.


‘The difficulties of communication encountered by Indigenous peoples’: moving beyond Indigenous deficit in the Model Admission Rules for legal practitioners, Marcelle Burns, Simon Young, and Jennifer Nielsen

2018 Legal Education Review 28:2.


Water justice struggles as a process of commoning, Cristy P. Clark Dr

2018 Community Development Journal 54:1 80-99.


Failing to see the wood for the trees? A critical analysis of Australia’s tax provisions for land and forest conservation, Evgeny Guglyuvatyy

2018 Australian Tax Forum 33:3 551-571.


Enabling emergence: the Bentley blockade and the struggle for a gasfield in the Northern Rivers, Annie Kia and Aidan Ricketts

2018 Southern Cross University Law Review 19 49-74.

Anti-human trafficking campaigns worldwide: are they doing more harm than good?, K Kubacki and Natalia Szablewska

2018 Academy of Marketing Conference.

An intersectional approach to ethical issues in social marketing segmentation', K Kubacki, Natalia Szablewska, S Forbes, and C Palmedo

2018 Academy of Marketing Conference.

Machiavellian fantasy and the game of laws: rex, sex and lex in George RR Martin's A song of ice and fire, William P. MacNeil

2018 Envisioning legality: law, culture and representation 96-118.


Roadside drug testing : Incoherent policy or uncertainty by design?, Aidan Ricketts

2018 Alternative Law Journal 43:1 30-34.


Beyond reason: activism and law in a time of climate change, Nicole Rogers

2018 Journal for the Study of radicalism 12:2 157-182.


Sexual and gender-based violence: the case for transformative justice in Cambodia, Natalia Szablewska and Olga Jurasz

2018 Global, Change, Peace & Security.


Anti-human trafficking campaigns : a systematic literature review, Natalia Szablewska and Krzysztof Kubacki

2018 Social Marketing Quarterly 24:2 104-122.

Papers from 2017

Freeing the land beyond the shadow of the law: 20 years of the Crown Pastoral Land Act, Ann Brower and John Page

2017 New Zealand Universities Law Review 27:4A 975-995.

Metagasco Limited v Minister for Resources and Energy, Cristy Clark

2017 Law as if earth really mattered: the wild law judgement project 193-206.


Of what use is a deradicalized human right to water?, Cristy Clark

2017 Human Rights Law Review 17:2 231-260.

Wild negligence: Donoghue v Stevenson, Bee Chen Goh and Tom Round

2017 Law as if earth really mattered: the wild law judgement project 91-106.


Assessing the risk to the conservation status of temperate rainforest from exposure to mining, commercial logging, and climate change: a Tasmanian case study, Brendan Mackey, Sean Cadman, Nicole Rogers, and Sonia Hugh

2017 Biological Conservation 215 19-29.


Lacanian ink and leather ‘down under’: Queensland’s ‘bikie’ legislation and its crimes of fashion, William MacNeil

2017 Griffith Law Review 26:4 615-631.


His dark legalities : intellectual property’s Psychomachia in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, William P. MacNeil

2017 Liverpool Law Review 38:1 11-31.


His dark legalities: Intellectual property’s Psychomachia in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy, William P. MacNeil

2017 Liverpool Law Review 38:1 11-31.


The litigating dead : zombie jurisprudence in contemporary popular culture, William P. MacNeil

2017 No Foundations : An Interdisciplinary Journal of Law and Justice 14 108-123.

Working with clients and diverse communities, Jennifer Nielsen

2017 The place of practice: lawyering in rural and regional Australia 146-166.

The four dimensions of public property, John Page and Ann Brower

2017 Modern studies in property law 295-314.


Anti protest laws: lock up your nannas, Aidan Ricketts

2017 Alternative Law Journal 42:2 107-111.

Exploring fundamental legal change through adjacent possibilities: the Newcrest mining case, Aidan Ricketts

2017 Law as if earth really mattered: the wild law judgment project 178-192.

Duck rescuers and the freedom to protest: Levy v Victoria, Nicole Rogers

2017 Law as if earth really mattered: the wild law judgement project 339-352.

Making climate science matter in the courtroom, Nicole Rogers

2017 Environmental and Planning Law 34 475-487.


Performance and pedagogy in the Wild Law Judgement Project, Nicole Rogers

2017 Legal Education Review 27:1.

The wild law judgment project, Nicole Rogers

2017 Law as if earth really mattered: the wild law judgement project 3-18.

Law as if Earth really mattered: the Wild Law Judgment Project, Nicole Rogers and Michelle Maloney

2017 .

The legal profession and the substantive rule of law in Myanmar, Janelle Saffin and Nathan Willis

2017 Constitutionalism and legal change in Myanmar.

De la ‘transición’ a la ‘transformación’ en el contexto de situaciones de posconflicto: la noción de “justicia” bajo revisión, Natalia Szablewska

2017 Sociedad y fuerza publica ante los retos de la paz: justicia transicional victimasy consolidacon democratica.


Gdzie jest wola, znajdzie się rada?: Zgromadzenia Ogólne ONZ podczas 72 sesji przyjęło deklarację polityczną potwierdzającą zobowiązanie Państw Członkowskich do walki z handlem ludźmi, Natalia Szablewska

2017 Przeglad Prawa Miedzynarodowego: PPM Blog.

Human trafficking in Australasia, Natalia Szablewska

2017 Routledge handbook of human trafficking 78-92.


The end of ISIS : what it means for justice, Natalia Szablewska

2017 Przegląd Prawa Międzynarodowego : PPM Blog : an overview of the most important legal and international issues.


A human rights-based approach to the social good in social marketing, Natalia Szablewska and Krzysztof Kubacki

2017 Journal of Business Ethics.


Does the route to equality include Indigenous peoples?, Natalia Szablewska and Krzysztof Kubacki

2017 OUPblog.

Regional collaborative responses to the global migration crisis: refugee law, human rights and shared state responsibility: the Australia-Cambodia refugee resettlement agreement, Natalia Szablewska and R Ly

2017 The Australian Law Journal 91:3 186-197.

Don't burn out!: self-care and wellbeing, Stephen Woods and Jennifer Nielsen

2017 The place of practice: lawyering in rural and regional Australia 239-259.

Papers from 2016

Legislation note: Building (earthquake-prone buildings) amendment Act 2016: risk, space and authority to govern, Ann Brower, John Page, and Danyon Thomas

2016 New Zealand Universities Law Review 27:2 484-493.

Trans-jurisdictional water governance and implementing the human right to water in South Africa, Cristy Clark

2016 Trans-jurisdictional water law and governance 282-300.


The politics of public interest environmental litigation: lawfare in Australia, Cristy P. Clark

2016 Australian Environment Review 31:7 258-262.

Negotiation with Chinese, Bee Chen Goh and Danny McFadden

2016 China's international business transactions and laws: key tools for China 1-35.

Carbon policy in Australia: a political history, Evgeny Guglyuvatyy and Natalie P. Stoianoff

2016 Green fiscal reform for a sustainable future: reform, innovation and renewable energy XVII 31-52.


Bush Law 101: realising place conscious pedagogy in the law curriculum, Amanda Kennedy, Trish Mundy, and Jennifer M. Nielsen

2016 Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice 13:1.

Breaking the silence: the importance of constitutional change, Jennifer Nielsen

2016 Constitutional recognition of first peoples in Australia: theories and comparative perspectives.

Property diversity and its implications, John Page


Reading colonies: property and control of the British Far East, Rohan BE Price

2016 .

Litigation, activism, and the paradox of lawfulness in an age of climate change, Nicole Rogers

2016 A cultural history of climate change 211-228.


Dilemmas of fieldwork: some (personal) reflections on collecting data in Cambodia, Natalia Szablewska

2016 Social and Legal Studies: An International Journal: Blog.


Gdzie się ukrywają syryjscy zbrodniarze wojenni?, Natalia Szablewska

2016 Przeglad Prawa Miedzynarodowego: PPM Blog.

Papers from 2015


Anti-trafficking (ILL-)efforts: the legal regulation of women’s bodies and relationships in Cambodia, Clara Bradley and Natalia Szablewska

2015 Social & Legal Studies.


Does the human right to water address the gendered nature of water poverty?, Cristy P. Clark Dr

2015 Human Rights Defender 24:3 31-32.

Administrative approaches to tax dispute resolution: alternative perspectives from Australia and Russia, Evgeny Guglyuvatyy and Chris Evans

2015 Journal of Comparative Law 10:2.


Social marketing: looking sideways, Krzysztof Kubacki, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Alan Tapp, Denni Arli, and Natalia Szablewska

2015 Academy of Marketing 2015 conference : the magic in marketing.

Climate justice and the distribution of rights to emit carbon, Brendan Mackey and Nicole Rogers

2015 Access to international justice.

The curious untidiness of property and ecosystem services: a hybrid method of measuring place, John Page, Ann Brower, and Johannes Welsch

2015 Pace Environmental Law Review 32:3.


Beyond anthropocentrism and back again: from ontological to normative anthropocentrism, Alessandro Pelizzon and Aidan Ricketts

2015 The Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy 18:2 105-124.


Freedom from political communication: the rhetoric behind anti-protest laws, Aidan Ricketts

2015 Alternative Law Journal 40:4.

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun: climate change litigation, climate change activism and lawfulness, Nicole Rogers

2015 New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law 13:1 179-199.

A wild law perspective on wilderness management: managing the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area, Nicole Rogers and Brendan Mackey

2015 Australian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy 18:2 145-165.

China's way to carbon emissions reduction: the choice of regulatory instruments and its legal challenges, Ying Shen


Crossing the river by groping for stones: China's pilot emissions trading schemes and the challenges for a national scheme, Ying Shen

2015 Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law 18 1-41.


The politics of anti-trafficking efforts, Natalia Szablewska

2015 Australian Institute of International Affairs: Australian Outlook.

The small claims tribunal of Hong Kong: is it living up to its objectives?, Mengmeng Zhang and Rohan Price

2015 City University of Hong Kong Law Review 3:2 245-264.

Papers from 2014


'Not yet 50/50' - a critical appraisal, Linda Colley

2014 Australian Journal of Public Administration 73:4 511-513.

McLeod V Power (2003) FMCA, K Gelber and Jennifer M. Nielsen

2014 Australian feminist judgments: righting and rewriting law 405-418.


A feminist legal analysis of the interface between refugee law and the mandates of truth and reconciliation commissions, Kate Ogg and Natalia Szablewska

2014 Current issues in transitional justice: towards a more holistic approach 209-234.

Mapping property and ecosystem services, John Page

2014 5th Association for Law Property and Society Annual Conference 2014.


Of earthquakes, red zones and property rights: the quake outcasts case, John Page and Ann Brower

2014 New Zealand Universities Law Review 26:1.


Aboriginal sovereignty claims: contemporary voices in Australia, Alessandro Pelizzon

2014 Settler Colonial Studies 4:4 368-381.

Earth laws, rights of nature and legal pluralism, Alessandro Pelizzon

2014 Wild law: in practice 176-190.


Transitional justice and ecological jurisprudence in the midst of an ever-changing climate, Alessandro Pelizzon

2014 Current issues in transitional justice 4 317-338.

Who's afraid of the founding fathers? Retelling constitutional law wildly, Nicole Rogers

2014 Wild law: in practice.

The Australian wild law judgement project, Nicole Rogers and Michelle Maloney

2014 Alternative Law Journal 39:3 172-175.

The need for a constitutional settlement to further the reform process in Myanmar (Burma), Janelle Saffin and Nathan Willis

2014 Temple International and Comparative Law Journal 28:2 253-284.

Confucianism, the rise of worker activism and labour law in China, Wei Shen and Rohan Price

2014 China: An International Journal 12:3 115-135.

Illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and Australia's international obligations: the debate goes on, Natalia Szablewska

2014 The Australian Law Journal 88:10 707-714.


Current issues and future challenges in transitional justice, Natalia Szablewska and Sasha-Dominik Bachmann

2014 Current issues in transitional justice: towards a more holistic approach 339-361.


Current issues in transitional justice: towards a more holistic approach, Natalia Szablewska and Sasha-Dominik Bachmann



Social justice within transitional justice: the case of human trafficking and sex-work in Cambodia and Myanmar, Natalia Szablewska and Clara Bradley

2014 Current issues in transitional justice: towards a more holistic approach 261-287.


The nexus between sex-work and women’s empowerment in the context of transitional societies of Southeast Asia, Natalia Szablewska and Clara Bradley

2014 Current issues in transitional justice: towards a more holistic approach 235-260.


Book review: New critical legal thinking: law and the political, Nathan Willis

2014 Griffith Law Review 23:2 353-355.


The potential role of a racial discrimination law in Myanmar, Nathan Willis

2014 Forced Migration Review:45 82-83.

Papers from 2013

Property rights in ecosystem services, Ann Brower and John Page

2013 2013 IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Annual Colloquium.

Claimed property right does not hold water, John R. Corkill

2013 Australian Law Journal 87:1 49-58.

The role of abolitionist nations in stopping the use of the death penalty in Asia: the case of Australia, Sam Boris Garkawe

2013 Confronting capital punishment in Asia: human rights, politics and public opinion 90-104.


As we see it, Bee Chen Goh, Habib Chamoun-Nicolas, Ellen E. Deason, Jay Folberg, and Sukhsimranjit Singh

2013 Educating negotiators for a connected world 103-124.


Deconstructing terrorism as a war crime The Charles Taylor Case, Kirsten MF Keith

2013 Journal of International Criminal Justice 11:4 813-833.

Environmental property rights in Australia: constructing a new Tower of Babel, Paul Martin, Amanda Kennedy, John Page, and Jacqueline Williams

2013 Environmental and Planning Law Journal 30.

Whiteness at work, Jennifer M. Nielsen

2013 Australian Journal of Labour Law 26:3 300-325.