The rights of Indigenous prisoners

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Kelly, L 2002, 'The rights of Indigenous prisoners', in D Brown & M Wilkie (eds), Prisoners as citizens: human rights in Australian prisons, Federation Press, Annandale, NSW, pp. 21-37. ISBN: 1862874247


Summary: As prison populations continue to expand across the western world the question of the rights of prisoners has become an increasingly pressing issue, particularly in the light of new human rights discourses. This book gives voice to a diverse range of viewpoints arising out of this debate in the Australian context. The contributors to this book include the prisoners themselves, human rights activists, academics, criminal justice policy makers and practitioners. Overall the book presents a powerful argument that prisoners do and should have rights in any society that professes to be a democracy, bringing to the fore a debate that society would often prefer to forget. Contents: Part 1: Prisons and Prisoners. 1. Prisoners and the penal estate in Australia / Russell Hogg -- 2. The rights of indigenous prisoners / Loretta Kelly -- 3. Deprivation of liberty - deprivation of rights / Debbie Kilroy and Anne Warner -- 4. Experiences of inmates with an intellectual disability / Jenny Green -- 5. Prisoners of difference / Greta Bird. Part 2: Regulating Prisons and Prisoner's Rights. 6. 'Not the King's enemies': prisoners and their rights in Australian history / Mark Finnane and Tony Woodyatt -- 7. Televising the invisible: prisoners, prison reform and the media / Catharine Lumby -- 8. Institutional perspectives and constraints / John Dawes -- 9. Protection of prisoner's rights in Australian private prisons / John Rynne -- 10. Prisoners and citizens: a view from Europe / Vivien Stern. Part 3: Citizenship and Rights. 11. International human rights law applicable to prisoners / Camille Giffard -- 12. An insider's view: human rights and excursions from the flat lands / Craig W. J. Minogue -- 13. Segregation / David Robinson -- 14. Prisoner's right to health and safety / Michael Levy -- 15. Crime victims and prisoner's rights / Sam Garkawe -- 16. Prisoners and the right to vote / Melinda Ridley-Smith and Ronnit Redman -- 17. Prisoners as citizens / David Brown.