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Post-print of: Schillmoller, AL 2011, 'Gaining ground: towards a discourse of posthuman animality: a geophilosophical journey', Southern Cross University Law Review, vol. 14, pp. 41-73.

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The paper seeks articulate possibilities for a reciprocal ground of animality, a non hegemonic conceptual frontier within which the sovereign terrain of liberal humanism might yield to networks of alliances and reciprocities among human and other animals. The objective is to locate topographies where the conditions of creaturely life may be conceptualised in relational and non anthropocentric terms. It seeks to identify possibilities for a discourse of animality which avoids the haunting spectre of humanism. Specifically, it explore routes which may avoid the dualisms of western thought and identify alternative ways by which animality might be conceptualised and represented. Its intent is to identify terrain capable of unsettling the notion of the human as ontologically non animal, to highlight the undecidability of species boundaries and to contribute to emergent conversations which expose the erasures of the humanist disavowal of animality.

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