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Garkawe, SB 2005, 'Colin Tatz, 'With intent to destroy: reflecting on genocide'', Current Issues in Criminal Justice, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 162-167.

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Professor Colin Tatz has been one ofthe most prominent scholars in the field of the politics of race and genocide, and has dedicated much of his career to 'a profound appreciation of genocide as the ultimate form of racism' (p 14). His most recent book, With Intent To Destroy: Reflecting on Genocide, makes a valuable and impressive contribution to the many debates and issues surrounding the meaning of genocide and its possible applicability to 'advanced' nations traditionally thought to be immune from such accusations. The book draws heavily on previous published articles, papers and speeches by the writer. Within its brief 184 pages of text is an eclectic mix containing the writer's personal reflections on his life; an analysis of the inter-related evils of anti-Semitism and racism; a history of race issues in Nazi Germany, Australia and South Africa; and a discussion ofsome of the more complex issues surrounding genocide. Given this diverse mix, the book is clearly not intended, nor would it be suitable for, a textbook on the topic of genocide. It is also plainly not meant to be a book for beginners since much of the book relies upon the reader having at least a basic background to the history of the Holocaust and many of the issues and concepts canvassed throughout.

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Tatz, CM 2003, With intent to destroy: reflecting on genocide, Verso, London. ISBN: 185984550

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