Typical errors of Westerners

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Book chapter

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Goh, BC 2006, 'Typical errors of Westerners', in AK Schneider & C Honeyman (eds), The negotiator's fieldbook: the desk reference for the experienced negotiator, American Bar Association (ABA), Section of Dispute Resolution, Washington, DC, pp. 293-300. ISBN: 1590315456


It's no longer rare for negotiators based in a Western culture and instinctively applying Western concepts to find themselves in dealings with people who start from a very different cultural frame of reference. Goh, a Chinese-Malaysaian law professor working in Australia, deconstructs the typical errors that negotiators unfamiliar with Chinese culture can be expected to make. This chapter should be read in conjunction with Kelly's chapter on negotiating with indigenous people; together, they can provide you with a fast tour that will provide some hints as to what you might encounter in still other cultures.