Into geothermal solutions: the sustainability case for Challenge Stadium in Perth

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Oldmeadow, E & Marinova, D 2011, 'Into geothermal solutions: the sustainability case for Challenge Stadium in Perth, Western Australia', Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 476-485.

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Geothermal energy sources have long been known, but new applications based on innovative technologies with greater efficiency of low temperature resources are starting to emerge. The article outlines the application of a low temperature geothermal resource for Challenge Stadium in Perth, Western Australia, an award winning engineering solution by Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) as a case for sustainability. Key benefits from Challenge Geothermal include: (1) reduced consumption of fossil-based fuel; (2) cost savings; (3) water supply and water infrastructure development for a local school; (4) enhanced sustainability profile for the sports and recreation facility. For cities situated in geothermally-rich environments, the greatest potential benefit from this type of project is the promotion of sustainability principles. Projects such as Challenge Geothermal can be seen as sustainable as they are ecologically friendly and support locally appropriate technological solutions whilst benefiting the community and economy of the city.

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