The end of ISIS : what it means for justice

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Szablewska, Natalia 2017, 'The end of ISIS : what it means for justice', Weblog entry, Przegląd Prawa Międzynarodowego : PPM Blog : an overview of the most important legal and international issues, PPM foundation, viewed 21 March 2017, http://www.http://przegladpm.blogspot.com.au/2017/12/koniec-isis-co-to-oznacza-dla.html

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ISIS has been systematically losing territory in the last few weeks. His last fortress in Iraq, the city of Hawija, was liberated at the beginning of October. A few weeks later, the capital of de facto ISIS, Raqqa in Syria, was reflected by the forces supported by the United States. ISIS no longer controls any major city in the region. What now? Is it time to start thinking about how to bring ISIS to justice for crimes committed?