Criminal defences in Malaysia and Singapore

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Yeo, S 2005, Criminal defences in Malaysia and Singapore, LexisNexis, Dayton, Ohio. ISBN: 9679626474


This book comprises a detailed examination of criminal defences contained in the Penal Codes of Malaysia and Singapore. Each chapter commences with a historical development of the defence under consideration, followed by placing the defence within a theoretical framework. The elements of the defence are then critically evaluated, with a concluding part on law reform. All major cases heard in Malaysia and Singapore on criminal defences are covered, with the addition of cases from India and certain common law jurisdictions which shed light on the defences. Key Features Provides a comprehensive coverage of the criminal defences which are applicable to all crimes in Malaysia and Singapore. Discusses all the major cases on criminal defences from Malaysia, Singapore, and also selected influential cases from India, England and Australia, as well as the views of law reform bodies and leading commentators. Places the law in a historical and theoretical context, points out its strengths and weaknesses, and suggests ways for improving the law. -Publisher's website