Australian criminal justice

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Findlay, M, Odgers, S & Yeo, S 2005, Australian criminal justice, 3rd ed., Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Vic. ISBN: 0195517385


Australian Criminal Justice provides a clear overview and critical examination of the Australian criminal justice process. Fully updated and revised, the third edition of this leading text analyzes the influences that mould criminal justice and examines the institutional and administrative features of its operation in Australian jurisdictions. It begins with the theory and basic elements of the criminal law and then guides readers chronologically through the stages of a case: investigation, pretrial decision-making, trial, evidence, sentencing, punishment and penalty, and appeal. - publisher description Contents: 1. Criminal responsibility -- Aims and functions of the criminal law -- Sources, prescriptions and influences on the criminal law -- Elements of a crime -- Extensions of criminal responsibilitiy -- 2. investigation -- Search and seizure -- Arrest and detention -- Interrogation -- Eyewitness identification -- Informers -- 3. The new investigators -- New methods, new agenda -- Divestment of criminal justice -- Australian Crime Commission (ACC) (formerly National Crime Authority (NCA)) -- Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) -- Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) -- Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) -- Ramifications for individual rights -- 4. Pre-trial --Discretion -- Pre-trial police decision-making -- Pre-trial obligations of the prosecution and defence - pre-trial hearings -- Prosecutor's pre-trial decision-making -- Defence pre-trial decision making -- Committal hearing -- Pre-trial discovery and disclosure -- Abuse of process in pre-trial -- 5. Trial -- The higher courts -- The lower courts -- 6. Evidence -- Proof -- Presenting the evidence -- Admission and use of evidence -- 7. Punishment and penalty -- Crime and punishment -- Principles of punishment -- Penalty -- Correctional models of punishment -- Punishment and welfare -- Penal reform --8. Sentencing -- Sentencing aims -- The sentencing hearing -- Facts relevant to sentencing -- Sentencing disparity and problems with quantum of punishment -- Remedies for achieving just sentencing -- Sentencing policy and publicopinion -- Mandatory sentences -- Sentencing drug-dependent offenders --9. Appeals -- Appeal against conviction -- Appeal against sentence -- 10. And justice for all? -- Juveniles -- Aboriginal people -- Women -- Intellectually disabled people -- Corporations -- Victims of crimes -- Combatting terrorism.