Evaluating the legal system

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Book chapter

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Nielsen, JM 2002, 'Evaluating the legal system' in GN Heilbronn, P Latimer & J Nielsen (eds), Introducing the law, 6th ed., CCH Australia, North Ryde, NSW, pp. 427-480. ISBN: 1864686464


Summary: "Major topics for discussion include the relationship between law and society ; the legislative process and the role of Parliament ; changing the law ; processes and institutions for settling disputes ; criminal and civil procedures ; and a critical evaluation of the legal system. Topical landmark cases are also discussed." - back cover. Contents: 1. Law and society -- 2. The role of Parliament in law-making -- 3. The legislative process -- 4. The role of courts in law-making -- 5. Changing the law -- 6. Settling legal disputes -- 7. Dispute settlement processes -- 8. Criminal and civil procedures -- 9. Institutions for the settlement of disputes -- 10. Evaluating laws -- 11. Evaluating the legal system -- Case table.