Papers from 2000

The Forest Protest Protocol : an outbreak of participatory democracy : an historic agreement between police and environmental protesters in NSW, Aidan Ricketts

2000 Alternative Law Journal 25:2 68-70.

Re-interpreting democracy: an activist’s guide to the Constitution, Nicole Rogers

2000 Legal technologies and the body politic: Australian and New Zealand Law and Society Conference.

Papers from 1999

Restorative justice from the perspective of crime victims, Sam Garkawe

1999 Queensland University of Technology Law Journal 15 40-56.


Limitation of liability for maritime claims and its place in the past present and future: how can it survive?, Serge Killingbeck

1999 Southern Cross University Law Review 3:1 1-29.


Great textbooks, red flags and judgement, Rocque Reynolds

1999 Public Law Review 10 37-46.


Kant: the audacity of judgement, Rocque Reynolds

1999 Res publica: a journal of legal and social philosophy 5:1 69-84.


Mad mothers, over-zealous therapists and the paedophile inquiry, Nicole Rogers

1999 Southern Cross University Law Review 3 115-135.

Third party rights in NSW environmental legislation: the backlash, Nicole Rogers and Aidan Ricketts

1999 Environmental and Planning Law Journal 16 157-163.

Papers from 1998

Relocation disputes- has anything changed? in the matter of B and B: Family Law Reform Act 1995, Sam Garkawe

1998 Southern Cross University Law Review 124 124-152.

Images of the 'Aboriginal': echoes from the past, Jennifer Nielsen

1998 The Australian Feminist Law Journal 11 83-106.

Indigenous Australian peoples and human rights, Jennifer Nielsen and Gary Martin

1998 Human rights in Australian law 92-115.


Dicey in Cambodia: or droit administratif meets the common law, Rocque Reynolds

1998 Australian law journal 72 204-215.

Green paradigms and the law, Nicole Rogers


Law, order and green extremists, Nicole Rogers

1998 Green paradigns and the law.

Mad mothers, over-zealous therapists and the paedophile inquiry, Nicole Rogers

1998 Crime, criminology and justice : current trends and future directions : 13th Annual Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (ANZSOC) Conference.

Papers from 1996

Majah: indigenous peoples and the law, Greta Bird, Gary Martin, and Jennifer M. Nielsen


Negotiating with the Chinese, Bee Chen Goh


Law of trafficking in Cambodia, Rocque Reynolds

1996 Selling noodles: the traffic in women and children in Cambodia.

Trafficking and prostitution: the law of Cambodia, Rocque Reynolds

1996 University of New South Wales.

Papers from 1995

Aint gonna work on Maggies farm no more: the specific performance of employment contracts, Rohan Price

1995 Australasian Law Teachers Association Conference 1512-1522.

Greening the constitution, Nicole Rogers

1995 Environment South Australia 4:3.

Greening the Constitution (or, Who’s afraid of the founding fathers anyway?), Nicole Rogers

1995 Defending the environment : a public interest environmental law conference.


Wimmenspeak on midwifery lore, Nicole Rogers

1995 E Law 2:3.

Papers from 1994

Deej Faby, catalogue essay, Rocque Reynolds

1994 Marion Street Gallery.

A dark green perspective on environmental dispute resolution, Nicole Rogers

1994 Commercial Dispute Resolution Journal 1 111-123.

Stepping out of the ivory tower with contemptuous breasts, Nicole Rogers

1994 Alternative Law Journal 19 115-118.

Papers from 1993

Seeing things, Rocque Reynolds

1993 Photofile 39:July.

This rose is for sale, Rocque Reynolds

1993 Eyeline 22/23.

Papers from 1990

Privacy, Jennifer Nielsen and Tony Pagone

1990 Rights and freedoms in Australia 14-23.

Domestic violence: report, Rocque Reynolds

1990 Premier's Department, Women's Coordination Unit.

Report on Homicide, Rocque Reynolds

1990 Premier's Department, Women's Coordination Unit.

Papers from 1989

Treaty: options for discussion, Rocque Reynolds

1989 Aboriginal Law Centre, University of NSW.

Papers from 1986

Codifying criminal law, Rocque Reynolds

1986 New South Wales Law Reform Commission.