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Wallin, M, Kelly, K & McGinley, A 2012, 'Using mobile technology to deliver information in audio format: learning by listening', in G Needham & M Ally (eds), M-libraries 3: transforming libraries with mobile technology, Facet, London, pp. 57-64. ISBN: 9781856047760.

Reproduced with permission of Facet Publishing.

This extract is taken from the author's original manuscript and has not been edited. The definitive version of this piece may be found in M-libraries 3: transforming libraries with mobile technology which can be purchased from

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Libraries globally are exploring ways to deliver the myriad of quality information resources available to their users – via mobile devices. As well as focusing on documents (with the inherent problems associated with reading on small screens), Southern Cross University (SCU) Library has explored ways of accessing and converting key documents to audio form, so that students and staff have an alternative way of engaging with academic literature.