Aquaculture and the production of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals

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Book chapter

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Benkendorff, K 2009, 'Aquaculture and the production of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals', in G Burnell & G Allan (eds.), New technologies in aquaculture: improving production efficiency, quality and environmental management, Woodhead Publishing, Oxford, pp. 866-891. ISBN: 9781845693848


Marine organisms are a rich source of biologically active compounds of interest for development as pharmaceuticals and alternative medicines. Aquaculture could play a key role in supplying these marine drugs for clinical trials and commercialisation. Using several case studies, this chapter reviews the opportunities and some problems associated with the development of marine aquaculture for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Future collaborative research in marine biotechnology and aquaculture could help transform the aquaculture industry by value adding marine species for their health benefits in niche markets.