Papers from 2019


Differing responses in milk composition from introducing rapeseed and naked oats to conventional and organic dairy diets, Gillian Butler, Sokratis Stergiadis, Eleni Chatzidimitriou, Enrica Franceschin, Hannah R. Davis, Carlo Leifert, and Havard Steinshamn

2019 Scientific Reports 9.

Papers from 2018


Enhancing the fatty acid profile of milk through forage‐based rations, with nutrition modeling of diet outcomes, Charles M. Benbrook, Donald R. Davis, Bradley J. Heins, Maged A. Latif, Carlo Leifert, Logan Peterman, Gillian Butler, Ole Faergeman, Silvia Abel-Caines, and Marcin Baranski

2018 Food Science & Nutrition 6:3 681-700.


What agricultural practices are most likely to deliver “sustainable intensification” in the UK?, Lynn V. Dicks, David C. Rose, Frederic Ang, Stephen Aston, A NE Birch, Nigel Boatman, Elizabeth L. Bowles, David Chadwick, Alex Dinsdale, Sam Durham, John Elliott, Les Firbank, Stephen Humphreys, Phil Jarvis, Dewi Jones, Daniel Kindred, Stuart M. Knight, Michael RF Lee, Carlo Leifert, Matt Lobley, Kim Matthews, Alice Midmer, Mark Moore, Carol Morris, Simon Mortimer, T C. Murray, Keith Norman, Stephen Ramsden, Dave Roberts, Laurence G. Smith, Richard Soffe, Chris Stoate, Bryony Taylor, David Tinker, Mark Topliff, John Wallace, Prysor Williams, Paul Wilson, Michael Winter, and William J. Sutherland

2018 Food and Energy Security.


Effects of agronomic management and climate on leaf phenolic profiles, disease severity, and grain yield in organic and conventional wheat production systems, Leonidas Rempelos, Abujawad M. Almuayrifi, Marcin Baranski, Catherine Tetard-Jones, Mick Eyre, Peter Shotton, Ismail Cakmak, Levent Ozturk, Julia Cooper, Nikolaos Volakakis, Christoph Schmidt, Enas Sufar, Juan Wang, Andrew Wilkinson, Eduardo AS Rosa, Bingqiang Zhao, Terry J. Rose, Carlo Leifert, and Paul Bilsborrow

2018 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry:66 10369-10379.


Impact of US Brown Swiss genetics on milk quality from low-input herds in Switzerland: Interactions with season, Sokratis Stergiadis, Anna Bieber, Eleni Chatzidimitriou, Enrica Franceschin, Anne Isensee, Leonidas Rempelos, Marcin Baranski, Veronika Maurer, Giulio Cozzi, Beat Bapst, Gillian Butler, and Carlo Leifert

2018 Food Chemistry 251 93-102.