An overview of advances in plant genomics in the new millennium

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Henry, RJ 2010, 'An overview of advances in plant genomics in the new millennium', in C Kole & AG Abbott (eds), Principles and practices of plant genomics, Advanced genomics; vol. 3, Science Publishers, Enfield (NH), pp. 1-23.

ISBN: 9781578086832

Publisher's version of this article is available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1201/9781439845523-2


The technologies available for genomics have continued to develop rapidly since 2000 accelerating their application to plant biology and plant breeding. These technologies are providing the tools to allow the cost effective collection of much larger volumes of data on plant genomes. This is in turn requiring the development of bioinformatics capabilities to analyse this data and apply it successfully in plant improvement. Genomics in a general sense is advancing by improvements in technology at each of the levels from studies of DNA (genomics) and RNA (transcriptomics) which is often considered a core part of genomics, to proteins (proteomics), metabolites (metabolomics) and the phenotypes (phenomics) (Fig. 1).