Brassica napus Genomic Resources

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Book chapter

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King, GJ & Baten, A 2018, 'Brassica napus genomic resources' in S Liu, R Snowdon & B Chalhoub (eds), The Brassica napus genome, Springer, Switzerland, pp. 233-244. ISBN: 9783319436944


This chapter provides an overview of the various physical experimental and reference data resources available in the public domain to support evolutionary, comparative and functional analysis of Brassica napus genomes, and that underpin pre-breeding R&D and breeding activities for canola and related oilseed crops. Many of these resources have become available as a result of international cooperation through the Multinational Brassica Genome Project (MBGP). The role and establishment of nomenclature and other standards for Brassica species is outlined. Specific plant resources and their use in mutant screening, mapping and genome-wide association studies are described, along with genomic tools such as genetic marker and transcriptome platforms. The range of current genomic data, information resources, bioinformatics tools and analysis pipelines for B. napus are introduced, together with the available dedicated B. napus-specific genome browsers and related online sites. In addition, databases dedicated to managing phenotypic trait, trial and related data are described, and future requirements are identified for enabling greater integration of phenotypic and genotypic information and tools to collate and navigate increasingly complex data sets. Due to rapidly changing genomic technologies and funding support, the coverage of resources described here is unlikely to be comprehensive. However, many additional details are to be found either hosted at or linked from the http://www.brassica.info website on behalf of the MBGP. The Brassica database (BRAD) maintained at http://Brassicadb.org/brad/ also continues to provide a valuable set of reference information.