Genome of Tenualosa ilisha from the river Padma, Bangladesh

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Das, A, Ianakiev, P, Baten, A, Nehleen, R, Ehsan, T, Ahmed, O, Islam, MR, naser, MN, Marma, MS & Khan, H 2018, 'Genome of Tenualosa ilisha from the river Padma, Bangladesh', BMC Research Notes, vol. 11, pp. 921-924.

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Objective: Hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha), is a popular fish of Bangladesh belonging to the Clupeidae family. An anadromous species, like the salmon and many other migratory fish, it is a unique species that lives in the sea and travels to freshwater rivers for spawning. During its entire life, Tenualosa ilisha migrates both from sea to freshwater and vice versa.
Data description: The genome of Tenualosa ilisha collected from the river Padma of Rajshahi, Bangladesh has been sequenced and its de novo hybrid assembly and structural annotations are being reported here. Illumina and PacBio sequencing platforms were used for high depth sequencing and the draft genome assembly was found to be 816 MB with N50 size of 188 kb. MAKER gene annotation tool predicted 31,254 gene models. Benchmarking Universal Single-Copy Orthologs refer 95% completeness of the assembled genome.

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