Cross-species amplification of Shorea Microsatellite DNAMarkers in Parashorea malaanonan (Dipterocarpaceae)

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Abasolo, MA, Fernando, ES, Borromeo, TH & Hautea, DM 2009, 'Cross-species amplification of Shorea Microsatellite DNA markers in Parashorea malaanonan (Dipterocarpaceae)', Philippine Journal of Science, vol. 138, no. 1.


Sixteen (16) microsatellite DNA markers previously developed for two Bornean species of Shorea (Dipterocarpaceae), viz. 5 from Shorea curtisii (Shc) and 11 from Shorea leprosula (Sle), were tested on Philippine Parashorea malaanonan for cross-species amplification. Initially, these loci were tested in Parashorea malaanonan from the Makiling Forest Reserve on Luzon Island. All five Shc loci had amplification products, three (3) were polymorphic and two (2) were non-polymorphic. Of the 11 Sle loci, five (5) were polymorphic, three (3) were non-polymorphic, two (2) did not have amplification products, and one (1) had multiple bands. Four loci were further tested on individuals of Parashorea malaanonan from a plantation on Leyte Island. High levels of genetic variability were observed. Cross-transferability was 75%. Expected heterozygosity (He) ranged from 0.39 to 0.82. Results indicate potential use of these markers derived from Shorea in studies of genetic diversity assessments in Parashorea malaanonan.

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