Doubled haploids, markers and QTL analysis in vegetable brassicas

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Pink, D, Bailey, L, McClement, S, Hand, P, Mathas, E, Buchanan-Wollaston, V, Astley, Dave, King, GJ & Teakle, G 2008, 'Doubled haploids, markers and QTL analysis in vegetable brassicas', Euphytica, vol. 164, no. 2, pp. 509-514.

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Double haploid (DH) plants of Brassica spp. can be produced via anther culture or culture of microspores. This paper reviews the uses of double haploids in crop improvement research in vegetable brassicas (B. oleracea). Applications of DH lines are described for breeding; construction of linkage maps; genetic analysis of quantitative traits and capturing genetic variation. The advantages and disadvantages of DH lines are discussed.