Antimalarial Activity of Extracts of Abutilon grandiflorum G. Don - A Traditional Tanzanian Medicinal Plant

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Beha, E, Jung, A, Wiesner, J, Rimpler, H, Lanzer, M & Heinrich, M 2004, 'Antimalarial activity of extracts of Abutilon grandiflorum G. Don- a traditional Tanzanian medicinal plant', Phytotherapy Research, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 236-240.

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The Tanzanian medicinal plant Abutilon grandiflorum G. Don was studied for its in vivo and in vitro antiplasmodial effects. The ethyl acetate extract showed prominent in vivo activity against P. vinckei vinckei in mice and in vitro against P. falciparum strains HB3 and FCB. The extract was only moderately cytotoxic if tested in vitro against the colon cell line HT29. In the in vivo study, the results were significantly influenced by the treatment schedule used, i.e. early treatment with higher doses was more successful than applying the same overall amount over a longer period. Phytochemical analysis of the extract provided no conclusive evidence for the observed parasitological effects.

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