Mexican valerian (Valeriana edulis ssp. procera)

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Heinrich, M & Jacobo-Herrera, N 2003, 'Mexican valerian (Valeriana edulis ssp. procera)', Mexikanischer baldrian (Valeriana edulis ssp. procera), vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 83-86.

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For many centuries, Mexican valerian (Valeriana edulis ssp. procera) has been an important medicinal plant in Mexican phytotherapy. Historically, external applications, for example for bleeding wounds, were of prime importance. However, this botanical drug is also used in case of nervousness (�€‰nervios�€ˆ). Valepotriates are the main group of biologically active natural products in Valeriana edulis ssp. procera. Compared to V. officinalis, less pharmacological/clinical research has been conducted on Mexican valerian. However, in a recent small clinical study (20 patients) on the effectiveness of a standardised, hydro-alcoholic Valeriana edulis ssp. procera extract on insomnia, some parameters were influenced significantly.

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