Medicinal plants in the German and European pharmacopoeia

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Heinrich, M & Leimkugel, J 1999, 'Medicinal plants in the German and European pharmacopoeia', Arzneidrogen im Deutschen und Europaischen arzneibuch, vol. 20, no. 5, pp. 264-267.


Germany is an important market and trade centre for phytotherapeutics. One of its relevant aspects is the international trade in medicinal drugs. Since the Convention of Rio in 1992, the economic potential of medicinal plants has been looked for critically. In this article we analyse the geographical origin of the medicinal plants which are covered by the German and European pharmacopoeia. Nearly three fourth of all species which yielded medicinal drugs originate in the north temperate zone (especially Europe, Eurasia and the Mediterranean). Compared to the German pharmacopoeia of 1947, the number of species originating from outside Europe has even decreased in the current German pharmacopoeia. With the implementation of the European pharmacopoeia, this number seems to be increasing again.

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