Bioinformatics: harvesting information for plant and crop science

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King, GJ 2004, 'Bioinformatics: harvesting information for plant and crop science', Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, vol. 15, no. 6, pecial issue, pp. 721-731.

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Bioinformatics is an integral aspect of plant and crop science research. Developments in data management and analytical software are reviewed with an emphasis on applications in functional genomics. This includes information resources for Arabidopsis and crop species, and tools available for analysis and visualisation of comparative genomic data. Approaches used to explore relationships between plant genes and expressed sequences are compared, including use of ontologies. The impact of bioinformatics in forward and reverse genetics is described, together with the potential from data mining. The role of bioinformatics is explored in the wider context of plant and crop science.

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