A set of simple-sequence repeat (SSR) markers covering the Prunus genome

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Aranzana, MJ, Pineda, A, Cosson, P, Dirlewanger, E, Ascasibar, J, Cipriani, G, Ryder, CD, Testolin, R, Abbott, A, King, GJ, Iezzoni, AF & Arus, P 2003, 'A set of simple-sequence repeat (SSR) markers covering the Prunus genome', Theoretical and Applied Genetics, vol. 106, no. 5, pp. 819-825.

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A set of 109 microsatellite primer pairs recently developed for peach and cherry have been studied in the almond × peach F2 progeny previously used to construct a saturated Prunus map containing mainly restriction fragment length polymorphism markers. All but one gave amplification products, and 87 (80%) segregated in the progeny and detected 96 loci. The resulting Prunus map contains a total of 342 markers covering a total distance of 522 cM. The approximate position of nine additional simple sequence repeats (SSRs) was established by comparison with other almond and peach maps. SSRs were placed in all the eight linkage groups of this map, and their distribution was relatively even, providing a genome-wide coverage with an average density of 5.4 cM/SSR. Twenty-four single-locus SSRs, highly polymorphic in peach, and each falling within 24 evenly spaced approximately 25-cM regions covering the whole Prunus genome, are proposed as a 'genotyping set' useful as a reference for fingerprinting, pedigree and genetic analysis of this species.

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