Wheat bran lipophilic compounds with in vitro anticancer effects

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Liu, L, Winter, KM, Stevenson, LM, Morris, CA, Leach, DN 2012, 'Wheat bran lipophilic compounds with in vitro anticancer effects', Food Chemistry, vol. 130, no. 1, pp. 156-64.

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Wheat bran has been widely recognised as a cancer preventive agent, although the mechanism of the protection is not yet fully understood. Some reports suggested that, for the protection, lipophilic phytochemicals from the bran were more important than the physiological function of bran fibre. Wheat bran lipophilic extracts were scrutinised using bioactivity-guided fractionation (HPLC) against the growth of human prostate adenocarcinoma (PC3) cells. The fractions containing unsaturated free fatty acid, phytosteroids and alkylresorcinols exerted high cytotoxic activity. Detailed research of the alkylresorcinol fraction isolated seven pure compounds, four of them with strong inhibitory properties against the growth of PC3 cells, including 5-heptadecylresorcinol (IC50 = 22.5

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