(3R 4S 5S 8S 10R 13R)-3-Hydroxykaura-9(11) 16-dien-18-oic acid

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Beattie, KD, Bhadbhade, MM, Craig, DC & Leach, DN 2012, '(3R 4S 5S 8S 10R 13R)-3-Hydroxykaura-9(11) 16-dien-18-oic acid', Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, vol. 68, part 2, 0526-0527.

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The title compound, C20H28O3, was isolated during our investigation into the chemical composition and pharmacological activity of Centipeda cunninghamii (DC.) A. Braun & Asch. (Asteraceae). The enantiopure compound, a diterpene with a carbon skeleton, is composed of three six- and one five-membered rings in chair, twist-boat, half-chair and envelope conformations, respectively. Each molecule makes one intra- and one intermolecular O-HO hydrogen bond in the crystal lattice, forming hydrogen-bonded chains along [010]. The absolute configuration of the compound was assigned on the basis of optical rotation measurements.

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