Diagnostic test as a tool to assess disease: a comparison

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Rahman, M, Ara, KJ & Khatun, A 2015, Diagnostic test as a tool to assess disease: a comparison, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. ISBN: 9783659785436


A diagnostic test is any kind of medical test performed to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease. The diagnostic tests are very common and important in medical treatment. A great deal of variation is seen between the cost of diagnostic test in cities and in rural area. There is also a great variation in the concept of people. The main purpose of this study is to asses the health care privilege and access to diagnostic test of the people in Kishorgonj, an suburb and to draw a comparison between Dhaka, the capital city and Kishorgonj of Bangladesh. Besides, it was tried to find out the cost of diagnostic tests between the rural and urban diagnostic centres, reliability of the tests, equipment facilities and the public concern. Data of cost and facilities of diagnostic tests in government and nongovernment hospitals, clinics, diagnostic test centres, pathological centres of Kishorgonj and Dhaka city were accumulated to compare the cost of different types of diagnostic tests between Dhaka city and the suburb Kishorgonj.