Screening of rice germplasm for the distribution of rice blast resistance genes and identification of resistant sources

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Ali, A, Hyun, DY, Choi, YM, Lee, S, Oh, S, Park, HJ & Lee, MC 2016, 'Screening of rice germplasm for the distribution of rice blast resistance genes and identification of resistant sources', Korean Journal of Plant Resources, vol. 29, no. 6, pp. 658-669.

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Rice blast, caused by a fungus Magnaporthe oryzae, is one of the most devastating diseases of rice worldwide. Analyzing the valuable genetic resources is important in making progress towards blast resistance. Molecular screening of major rice blast resistance (R) genes was determined in 2,509 accessions of rice germplasm from different geographic regions of Asia and Europe using PCR based markers which showed linkage to twelve major blast R genes, Pik-p, Pi39, Pit, Pik-m, Pi-d(t)2, Pii, Pib, Pik, Pita, Pita/Pita-2, Pi5, and Piz-t. Out of 2,509 accessions, only two accessions had maximum nine blast resistance genes followed by eighteen accessions each with eight R genes. The polygenic combination of three genes was possessed by maximum number of accessions (824), while among others 48 accessions possessed seven genes, 119 accessions had six genes, 267 accessions had five genes, 487 accessions had four genes, 646 accessions had two genes, and 98 accessions had single R gene. The Pik-p gene appeared to be omnipresent and was detected in all germplasm. Furthermore, principal component analysis (PCA) indicated that Pita, Pita/Pita-2, Pi-d(t)2, Pib and Pit were the major genes responsible for resistance in the germplasm. The present investigation revealed that a set of 68 elite germplasm accessions would have a competitive edge over the current resistance donors being utilized in the breeding programs. Overall, these results might be useful to identify and incorporate the resistance genes from germplasm into elite cultivars through marker assisted selection in rice breeding.

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